BEST:: HACKath0n from the youth organization BEST Lviv for students of all specialties

Заставка хакатону

The youth organization BEST Lviv invites everyone who loves programming and wants to use their skills to take part in the sixth annual event of the IT industry – BEST:: HACKath0n, which will take place on November 26–28, 2021.

This is an event aimed at the team development of the project (program, website, etc.) within 24 hours in a non-stop format. Then the results of the work are evaluated by judges and placed in the ranking tables.

Competition structure:

  • non-stop programming;
  • 15 teams of 5 people;
  • 24 hours to create a project;
  • the project must correspond to the theme of HACKath0n – Cooperation.

Registration will last until November 12, opening – on November 26, and the event takes place on November 27–28.

More details are available in the newsletter.

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