Ecological safety and nature protection activity Department history

Ecological Security and Audit Department (ESD) was founded on October 17, 2011. The Department trains highly qualified masters of ecological control and audit who possess the skills of general principles, ecological control management standards and systematic audit for the protection of the environment.

Ecological Security and Audit Department (ESD) trains highly qualified faculty during the postgraduate study. Ph. D. students and lecturers actively participate in the Board of Young Scientists. From 2011 to 2012 four Ph.D. students and three applicants of the Department conducted their thesis researches.

Scientific and methodical cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign universities and research institutions provides great potential for the development of scientific and publishing opportunities of the Department. The Department established a university teaching and research laboratory of environmental control and expertise, which is equipped with modern amenities and facilities for ecology students.

The Department maintains close relationships with many academic and industrial research institutes and departments of biochemistry and ecology of higher education institutions.

To support the learning process the Department provides textbooks, monographs, lecture notes and develops guidelines for the “Environmental management and auditing” major students. In 2011 the head of the department Mr. V. Pogrebennyk published the monograph “Rapid measurement of integral parameters of the aquatic environment and sediments.”

Over the last few years employees of the Department have published monographs, manuals, guidelines in ecology that follows:

  • Monograph “Hydroecological study of Shatsky ozera (Lakes of Shatsk)” (methods, tools, results). (by Pogrebennyk E.)
  • Monograph “Hydrochemical study of Shatsky ozera (Lakes of Shatsk)” (by Pogrebennyk E.)
  • Textbook “Organization of databases” (by Chapovska R.B.)
  • Textbook “Fundamentals of Technical Ecology” (by Miakush I.I.)
  • Textbook “Forest stands of the pains of Western Ukraine” (by Miakush I.I.)
  • Textbook “Forest cultivation in the western region of Ukraine” (by Miakush I.I.)
  • Guidelines “Treatment of pesticides and other wastes” (Voytsihovska AS).
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