Cadastre of Territory Department History

The Cadastre of Territory Department was established by order of the rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University Professor Yu. Rudavskyi on October 30, 2002 № 149-10. It was formed by separation from the Department of Engineering Surveying and Cadastre, which at that time was headed by Professor L.Perovych. Prof. Perovych bacome the head of the new Department. The Department launched a bachelors and masters training in the major of “Land Planning and Cadastre” (now “Land boundary survey and Cadastre”).

In foundation and establishment of the Department actively took part such famous scientists as Sc.D. and Prof. Ya. Kostetska, Sc.D. and Prof. B. Dzhuman, Sc.D., Prof. M. Voloshchuk; the best scientists and methodologists of Ukraine such as Ph.D. and Associate professor R. Tartachynskyi (2010), Ph.D. and Associate professor Yu. Kornytskyi (2007), Ph.D. and Associate professor S. Khropot (2002-2009), Ph.D. and Associate professor B. Volosetskyi; well-known experts in production of land boundary survey and cadastre M. Hahaliuk (2002), B. Kuntyi, B. Parkhuts, I. Padliak, A. Petryshyn.

From the beginning of the Department activity the great contribution to its development has made: Ph.D. and Associate professor A. Kolos, Ph.D. and Associate professor Yu. Hubar, Ph.D. and Associate professor Z. Kotyk, Ph.D. and Associate professor V. Sai, Ph.D. and Associate professor Yu. Khavar, head of the Laboratory H. Vovk, engineers: L. Cherniavska, V. Skolskyi.

Currently in the staff of the Department actively work such young researchers as Ph.D. and Associate professor I. Romanyshyn, assistants: L. Vynarchyk, M. Malanchuk, O. Tkachyk, engineers T. Martyniuk, O. Vanchura, A. Kostiuk.

The special merit of the scientific-methodological support organisation of the Department belongs to Sc.D., Prof. R. Panas, who starting work at the Department in 2004 issued textbooks “Soil Science”, “Land Recultivation”, “Basis of Monitoring and Land Use Forecasting”, “Rational Use and Protection of Land”, “Soil Mapping”, “Land Appraisals”.

In 2011 the Department began the training of the experts in second specialization “Land Appraisal and Assessment of Real Estate”.

Yearly, employees of the Department publish 20-30 research papers. In recent years, specializations of the Department are the most popular in the Institute of Geodesy.

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