History of the Chemical Engineering Department

The Chemical Engineering Department was founded in 1949. Ph. D. associate professor D. Savkevych was its first head. A that time the Department consisted of six persons. Ph. D.. In 1955 it was headed by associate professor A. Cherniavsky. Until 1977 the Department trained engineers in specialty Machines and Devices for Chemical Production and The Equipment Building Materials Enterprises.

In 1968 H. Akselrud was the first at the Department who defended the thesis. From that time to 1987 he headed the Department. After him Ph. D. and associate professor Ja. Humnytskyi took this post. In 1991, 25 students were admitted in specialty Industrial Ecology and Environmental Protection.
In 1992, the Department was renamed into Chemical Engineering and Industrial Ecology. In 1993 it renew student admission in mechanical profile specialty Equipment Building Materials Enterprises

Since 2002 the Chemical Engineering and Industrial Ecology Department was divided into Chemical Engineering, headed by Ph. D. professor J. Khanyk and Ecology and Environment Protection.

In 2007 the Department licensed new educational specialty Chemical Engineerin, which includes three Master specialties: Computer Chemical Engineering, Ecological Chemical Technology, Processes and Equipment of Chemical Manufacturing.

Since 2010 Sc. D. professor V. Atamaniuk has been heading the Chemical Engineering Department.

From the beginning of 50s the Department faculty and Ph. D. students defended almost 100 Ph. D. and more than 10 doctoral theses, published over 800 research papers, published a range of manuals, textbooks, methodical instructions etc.

The famous lecturers and scientists: professors Olexander Cherniavskyi, Grigorii Akselrud , Yaroslav Humnytskii, Yevhen Semenyshyn, Anatolii Dubinin, Yaroslav Khanyk.

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