Performed Works

List of performed works

  1. Digital stereo mapping of objects which undergo changes under the influence of natural and synthetic factors. Computer image processing and obtaining of plans, maps, profiles, coordinate catalogues, volumes, and other geometric parameters.
  2. The development of a purpose-oriented turnkey geoiformation system (GIS) with the creation of descriptive and graphical data bases and a wide range of tools. Training of clients to appropriately and fully use the GIS system capabilities.
  3. Stereophotogrammetric micro-object mapping with the raster microscope. The computer processing of separate images or stereophotos with the aim to obtain geometric parameters of micro-objects, in particular spatial and statistical characteristics.
  4. Ground laser 3D scanning of objects and creation of their vector models with the exact spatial binding of these models using GPS.
  5. Aerial mapping by unmanned aerial vehicle Trimble UX5 with precision GPS tracking and orthophotomy formation.
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