List of Performed Works

List of performed works

  1. Performing constructive part of the project for the hotel with adaptation and preservation of historical cellars and foundations, 6-12 Krakiwska street, Lviv.
  2. Technical inspection of the building of sewing workshop in the territory of the current factory “SUN Garden” with an intention of reconstruction and extension in Gorodok.
  3. Development of project of supporting structures of the roof for the project “Completion of construction of an apartment building section type, namely placing sixth and full technical floor in the pavilion roof on K.Belyayeva str. 5 in Mukacheve”.
  4. Reconstruction with an extension of production and storage facilities on the territory of existing enterprise Ltd. “Irena К°”.
  5. Development of project of industrial, warehouse, and office space in Lviv region, Gorodok district.
  6. Development of project of general plan of pastry shop, Shidna str. 45, Lviv.
  7. Development of project of reconstruction of the canopy on the territory of “Lviv bakery № 5”.
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