Program Fees

The fee level differs according to (i) the date on which you make payment and (ii) whether or not you are a “current student”.

  • Payment date (Earlybird fee reduction)

If you pay at least 50% of your course fees by 30th July, you are entitled to a fee reduction (the “earlybird fee reduction”). If you make payment after 30th July, you are required to pay the standard fee.

It is possible to split fees into instalments (see instructions below), regardless of whether you need to pay the standard/earlybird amount.


Early-Bird fee

(applies if fees paid by 30th July)

Standard Fee

(applies if fees paid after 30th July)

Full-time student*







  • Your status (Student/Non-Student)


NB. Anyone wishing to benefit from the reduced “early-bird fee” must pay their first instalment (of at least 50%) by 30th July.

Full-time students* pays a lower fee. For the purposes of the fees payable to the British Law Centre (BLC), “full-time students” include anyone currently registered as full-time students at a higher education institution within the EU and Ukraine (inc. undergraduate/postgraduate/Ph.D students) or anyone officially registered as a trainee (i.e. non-qualified) lawyer with the relevant national lawyers’ association.

If you pay the student fee, please provide proof of your student status when sending your payment confirmation (e.g. a PDF/JPEG attachment of your student or trainee-lawyer ID card).

Possibility of Instalment Payments

It is possible to split JAS fees into two equal instalments:

instalment 1 – 50% of course fees to be paid by no later than 1st October; instalment 2 – 50% of course fees to be paid by no later than 1st February.

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