Research Activities

List of Faculty members “Department of Economics of Enterprise and Investments”

(Name, surname of Faculty member); (Position (Academic degree, academic rank)) — (The area of scientific interests)

  1. Vasyl Kozyk; Dr.Prof. Head of the Department — International economics, innovation and investment activities, economics of enterprise
  2. Ihor Skvortsov; Dr.,full Prof — Investments, innovations
  3. Anatoliy Havrylyak; Dr.As.Prof. — Economics of constructions industry
  4. Ihor Franiv; Dr.As.Prof. — Spatial economics. Placement of the productive forces. Search for optimal location for enterprise.
  5. Maryan Klimkovskyy; Dr.As.Prof. — Labour economics
  6. Vyacheslav Dovbenko; Dr.As.Prof. — Investments, innovations, enterprise’s development
  7. Volodymyr Kichor; Dr.As.Prof. — Modeling and forecasting of economics systems
  8. 8Ihor Kret; Dr.As.Prof. — Principles of economic efficiency evaluation for resource-saving technologies
  9. Volodymyr Melnyk; Dr.As.Prof. — The energy-saving economics , project decisions
  10. Nadiya Seluchenko; Dr.As.Prof. — Risks, crisis, economic security, financial management
  11. Iryna Kryvtsun; Dr.As.Prof. — Portfolio investments and financial industries
  12. Taras Danylovych; Dr.As.Prof. — Regional economics, innovations
  13. Oleksandr Emelyanov; Dr.As.Prof. — Investments, recourse-savings, economic-mathematic models
  14. Oksana Muzychenko-Kozlovska ; Dr.As.Prof. — Economics of tourism
  15. Stepan Vorobets; Dr.As.Prof. — Modeling of economic systems and processes, decision support systems
  16. Artur Vysotskyy; — Labour economics, socio-economics relations
  17. Olena Zagoretska; Dr.As.Prof. — Pricing, labour productivity, economics of enterprise
  18. Larysa Rizko; Assistant Prof. — Economics of enterprise and investments
  19. Oleksandra Mrykhina; Dr.As.Prof. — Conceptual basis of the formation of system of information and analytical providing of the technology transfer
  20. Viktoriya Voytsekhovska; Dr.As.Prof. — Innovations, Investments, Social equality
  21. Anastasiya Symak; Dr.As.Prof. — Labour economics, regional economics, migration
  22. Andriy Stoyanovskyy; Dr.As.Prof. — Labour economics, regional economics, technology transfer
  23. Maryana Zhurakovska; Dr.As.Prof. — Innovations, Transfer and commercialization of technology,creative economy
  24. Lilya Lesyk;; — Innovations and investment activities
  25. Iryna Tymchyshyn; As. Prof. — Project management, economics of investments
  26. Mariya Anisimova; — Reproduction of fixed assets
  27. Natalya Yanevych; — Social investments, Economic Tools of Project Management
  28. Oksana Musiyovska; — Mechanism of management of innovative receptivity machine-building enterprises
  29. Maryana Psuy; — Expenses management on enterprise
  30. Mariya Kirzetska; — Agriculture and food Industry
  31. Tetyana Petrushka; — Principles of economic efficiency evaluation for resource-saving technologies
  32. Lesya Danchak; — Investment supply of household constructions, housing’ financial mechanisms
  33. Orest Koleshuk; — Economics of investments, innovations



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