Conference on Data Protection. GDPR implementation in Ukraine

Заставка конференції

January 28, 2021 is Data Protection Day. On this occasion, with the support of the European Union within the framework of the international project Jean Monnet Module «Personal Data Protection in the EU» for the second time Lviv Polytechnic National University organizes a conference for CEO, CIO, CCO, DPO, security officers, risk managers, HR managers , business analysts and IT lawyers, insurance and telecommunications companies, banks.

The main purpose of the event is to discuss the situation with the GDPR implementation in Ukraine, in particular to identify problems and exchange existing experience, to discuss examples of successful implementation of the GDPR in business processes and identify further prospects for personal data protection in Ukraine.

The goals of the event

  • To popularize in Ukraine the European principles of work with personal data of citizens.
  • To organize the exchange of practical experience of GDPR implementation between companies of different countries and different branches of economy.
  • To identify the peculiarities of GDPR compliance by IT companies when developing Big Data solutions and tasks of Intelligent Data Analysis.
  • Peculiarities of compliance with GDPR requirements by IT companies during remote work of employees.
  • Advisory assistance to companies working with clients – EU citizens, to protect businesses from fines and reputational risks.

Due to security requirements, the conference will be held online in Microsoft Teams platform. Beginning at 10:00.

Participation in the conference is free. Following the conference, participants will receive certificates of participation.