Research Unit

Назва лабораторії (центру) Контактна особа
61 RL-109 Research Laboratory of Information and Communication Systems and Networks: Digital and Information Technologies, Radio Networks, Transport Telecommunication Technologies, Information Networks and Distance Education, Internet Technologies and DBMS

Кафедра TK, ITRE

Prof. Mykhailo Klymash, Doctor of Engineering
62 RL-110 Research Laboratory of Architectural Environment Design

Кафедра AED, IARD

Associate Prof. Yuriy Dzhyhil, PhD in Architecture
63 BRL-112 Branch Research Laboratory of Optimization, Research, Examination and Design of Building Constructions and Structures

Кафедра DHB, CEBS

Associate Prof. Ihor Melnyk, PhD in Engineering
64 RL-113 Measuring Laboratory “EKOKHIMSERT”

Кафедра ESEM, ISD

Prof. Myroslav Maliovanyi, Doctor of Engineering
65 RL-116 Research Laboratory of Materials and Surface Engineering

Кафедра MSE, IMET

Prof. Zoia Duriagina, Doctor of Engineering
66 RL-117 Research Laboratory of Landscape Architecture

Кафедра UPD, IARD

Prof., Halyna Petryshyn, PhD in Architecture
67 RL-118 Research Laboratory "FinTechLab"

Кафедра AFM, IAPE

Prof. Nazariy Podolchak, Doctor of Economics
68 RL-119 Research Laboratory of Project Management

Кафедра MT, IAPE

Associate Prof. Pavlo Ilchuk, Doctor of Economics
69 RL-120 Research Laboratory of Accounting, Analysis and Taxation

Кафедра , IEM

Prof. Igor Yaremko, Doctor of Economics
70 RL-122 Research Laboratory “Foreign Trade and Customs”

Кафедра FTC, IEM

Prof. Olha Melnyk, Doctor of Economics
71 VECTOR Research and Analytical Center for Political Studies "Vector"

Інститут IHSS,

Head of Centre: DSc (Political science), Prof. Yaryna Turchyn
72 LvivSEPRObud Certification Agency of Building Materials, Products and Constructions “LvivSEPRObud”

Кафедра BCB, CEBS

Associate Prof. Myroslav Stasiuk, PhD in Engineering
73 SDO EMS Special Design Office of Electromechanical Systems

Кафедра ECES, IPEC

Director: Senior Researcher Bohdan Kharchyshyn, PhD in Engineering
74 SRDI ELVIT Research and Design Institute for Electronic Measuring and Computer Techniques

Director of Institute: CScTech., Senior Research Fellow Viktor Tkachenko
75 State Enterprise «Certification Centre of products and services»

Director: Myroslav Malovanyy
76 DEMOS Research Laboratory of Social and Demographic Policy and Management “DEMOS”

Кафедра ТAЕ, IAPE

Prof. Ulyana Sadova, Doctor of Economics
77 Crystal Center Research Center of Solid-State Electronics and Sensors

Кафедра SCE, ITRE

Director of the Center: Prof. Anatolii Druzhynin, Doctor of Engineering
78 LMS Laboratory of Magnetic Sensors

Науково-дослідний підрозділ Crystal Center, SCE

Leading Researcher Inesa Bolshakova, Doctor of Engineering
79 LSE Laboratory of Sensor Electronics

Науково-дослідний підрозділ Crystal Center, SCE

Prof. Anatolii Druzhynin, Doctor of Engineering
80 SEC ITNE Scientific and Educational Center of Innovation Technologies and Nanoengineering

Кафедра APNS, IMFS

DScTech., Prof. Anatolii Andrushchak
81 LOCP Laboratory of Optical Crystal Physics

Науково-дослідний підрозділ Crystal Center, SCE

Prof. Sergiy Ubizskyi, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical
82 MESO Material Engineering Service-Office

Кафедра MSE, IMET

Prof. Zoia Duriagina, Doctor of Engineering
83 TLBMP Testing Laboratory of Building Materials and Products

Кафедра BP, CEBS

Prof. Myroslav Sanytskyi, Doctor of Engineering