Вступ 2019: рейтингові списки

Research units

Назва Керівник
1 BRL-18 Branch Research and Educational Laboratory of Geodetic Monitoring and Refractometry Prof. Kornylii Tretiak, Doctor of Engineering
2 BRL-80 Branch Research Laboratory of Computer-Aided Design of Analog Microelectronic Units of Electronic Equipment Prof. Mykhailo Lobur, Doctor of Engineering
3 BRL-88 Branch Research Laboratory of Examination, Testing and Reconstruction of Bridges, Building Constructions and Engineering Structures Prof. Victor Kvasha, Doctor of Engineering
4 BRL-99 Branch Research Laboratory of Geodetic Support of the Cadastre and Natural Resources Management of the Territory of Ukraine Prof. Lev Perovych, Doctor of Engineering
5 BRL-93 Branch Research Laboratory of Geodynamics Prof. Fedir Zablotskyy, Doctor of Engineering
6 BRL-112 Branch Research Laboratory of Optimization, Research, Examination and Design of Building Constructions and Structures Associate Prof. Ihor Melnyk, PhD in Engineering
7 BRL-108 Branch Research Laboratory of the Diagnosis of the Technical State of Highways, Aerodromes and Their Concomitant Engineering Buildings Prof. Serhiy Solodkyy, Doctor of Engineering
8 BRL-105 Branch Research Production Laboratory of Research, Examination, Reconstruction and Production of Building Materials, Articles, Constructions, Building and Structures Associate Prof. Volodymyr Barabash, PhD in Engineering
9 LvivSEPRObud Certification Agency of Building Materials, Products and Constructions "LvivSEPRObud" Associate Prof. Myroslav Stasiuk, PhD in Engineering
10 MESO Material Engineering Service-Office Prof. Zoia Duriagina, Doctor of Engineering
11 RL-113 Measuring Laboratory "EKOKHIMSERT" Prof. Myroslav Maliovanyi, Doctor of Engineering
12 VECTOR Research and Analytical Center for Political Studies "Vector" Head of Centre: Associate Prof. Yaryna Turchyn, Sc. Doctor
13 SRDI ELVIT Research and Design Institute for Electronic Measuring and Computer Techniques Director: Senior Researcher Viktor Tkachenko, PhD in Engineering
14 RL-106 Research and Design Laboratory for Research and Design of Residential and Public Buildings Prof. Igor Gnes, Doctor of Architecture
15 Crystal Research Center of Solid-State Electronics and Sensors Director of the Center: Prof. Anatolii Druzhynin, Doctor of Engineering
16 RL-118 Research Laboratory "FinTechLab" Prof. Nazariy Podolchak, Doctor of Economics
17 RL-122 Research Laboratory “Foreign Trade and Customs” Prof. Olha Melnyk, Doctor of Economics
18 RL-33 Research Laboratory Of Accident Prevention, Development Of Methods Of Occupational And Radiological Monitoring Prof. Oleh Nahurskyy, Doctor of Engineering
19 RL-120 Research Laboratory of Accounting, Analysis and Taxation Prof. Igor Yaremko, Doctor of Economics
20 RL-110 Research Laboratory of Architectural Environment Design Associate Prof. Yuriy Dzhyhil, PhD in Architecture
21 RL-104 Research Laboratory of Architectural Historical Complexes Regeneration Prof. Mykola Bevz, Doctor of Architecture
22 RL-31 Research Laboratory of Architectural Objects Modeling Associate Professor Yuriy Petrenko, PhD in Engineering
23 RL-62 Research Laboratory of Automated Control Systems Prof. Ivan Tsmots, Doctor of Engineering
24 RL-40 Research Laboratory of Automatic Machines of Vibration Engineering Prof. Ihor Kuzio, Doctor of Engineering
26 RL-25 Research Laboratory of Automation of Technological Processes and Metering of Energy Carriers Prof. Yevhen Pistun, Doctor of Engineering
28 RL-28 Research Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances Prof. Volodymyr Novikov, Doctor of Chemistry
29 RL-46 Research Laboratory of Building Structure Calculations Prof. Yevhen Kharchenko, Doctor of Engineering
31 RL-24 Research Laboratory of Chemical Production Processes and Apparatus Prof. Volodymyr Atamaniuk, Doctor of Engineering
32 RL-63 Research Laboratory of Computational Mathematics Prof. Petro Pukach, Doctor of Engineering
33 RL-17 Research Laboratory of Computer and Cyber-Physical Systems and Network Technologies Prof. Anatoliy Melnyk, Doctor of Engineering
34 RL-83 Research Laboratory of Computer Systems Prof. Volodymyr Maksymovych, Doctor of Engineering
35 RL-19 Research Laboratory of Development and Implementation of New Building Constructions Prof. Myroslav Sanytskyi, Doctor of Engineering
36 RL-38 Research Laboratory of Dynamics and Reliability of Industrial Equipment Prof. Volodymyr Malashchenko, Doctor of Engineering
37 RL-7 Research Laboratory of Electric Drive Control and Automated Industrial Plants Prof. Orest Lozynskyi, Doctor of Engineering
41 RL-3 Research Laboratory of Electronic Engineering Prof. Zenon Hotra, Doctor of Engineering
44 RL-100 Research Laboratory of Finance Prof. Ihor Alieksieiev, Doctor of Economics
45 RL-50 Research Laboratory of Glass Technology, Ceramics, Binding Materials Prof. Yaroslav Vakhula, Doctor of Engineering
46 RL-66 Research Laboratory of Graphic Mapping Methods, Theoretical Bases of Their Application in CAD and Technology Prof. Ivan Aftanaziv, Doctor of Engineering
47 RL-27 Research Laboratory of Hydraulics and Sanitary Engineering Associate Prof. Volodymyr Cherniuk, Doctor of Engineering
48 RL-61 Research Laboratory of Improving Methods of Hardware Design and Production Prof. Yurii Romanyshyn, Doctor of Engineering
49 RL-109 Research Laboratory of Information and Communication Systems and Networks: Digital and Information Technologies, Radio Networks, Transport Telecommunication Technologies, Information Networks and Distance Education, Internet Technologies and DBMS Prof. Mykhailo Klymash, Doctor of Engineering
50 RL-41 Research Laboratory of Inorganic Substances Technology Prof. Zenovii Znak, Doctor of Engineering