Народна хорова капела студентів «Гаудеамус»

The students’ choir was organized in 1950 by Honored art worker of Ukraine Volodymyr Pekar.

In 1968 the choir was given the honorary title of ‘National’ for its high masterly performance and unique interpretation of choral art.

Gaudeamus National Students’ Choir is a laureate of many international, Ukrainian and regional festivals and choral art contests.

Since its foundation the choir has made numerous tours around Ukraine, Baltic states, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Vatican where they had an unforgettable meeting with His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

The repertoire of the choir includes compositions of authors of different styles and epochs: Vivaldi, Beethoven, Caccini, Bortnianskyi, Vedel, Berezovskyi, Lysenko, Hnatyshyn, Sichynskyi, Barvinskyi, Leontovych, Kozak, Kos-Anatolskyi, Skoryk, as well as Ioan Zlatoust Holy Mass, Ukrainian folk and ceremonial songs, compositions of modern composers.

Today Gaudeamus National Students’ Choir includes 80 students who carry on the best traditions of the choir. .

The conductor of the choir is Roman Dzundza
Choir master — Roksolana Hanzalo
Concertmaster — Iryna Byts

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