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Tech StartUp School of Lviv Polytechnic offers unique programs and opportunities for self-development

15 Sep 2020, 17:07

It’s time to look for opportunities for self-development. Lots of schools and courses offer new knowledge. But how to apply it in practice?

The best business trainers and practitioners in various fields of innovative development, implementation of startups and crowdfunding teach at Tech StartUp School, Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Specially for you we have prepared unique programs.

  • Startup-breakthrough is not just a startup competition, but a long-term cooperation of startup makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and government officials. Over the past two years, we have trained more than 50 teams, recruited more than 30 practicing businessmen and startup makers, organized business acquaintances, worked with more than fifty mentors and attracted more than 100,000 investments for startups.


  • Creative Spark is a program for the development of entrepreneurial skills and creative economy according to world methods, from training to your own startup. It is implemented with the support of the British Council.


  • CIG R&D Lab is an educational and scholarship program for the development and implementation of innovative technological startup projects, aimed at supporting technological projects of students, postgraduates and young researchers of Lviv Polytechnic National University.


  • «Norway – Ukraine. Professional Adaptation» is a course for military officers and their families. It is aimed at social adaptation of participants and support in creating their own business.


The participants of Tech StartUp School have the opportunity to work with the creative youth of Lviv, successful startup makers and leading entrepreneurs.

This is, first of all, an opportunity not only to get the basic knowledge of a young specialist, but also to create your own innovative product. It can become a start for your own business.

This is another reason to join us!