Вступ 2020: рейтингові списки

Підготовка до творчих конкурсів та ЗНО

Polytechnicians are invited to take part in the Embedded Summer Project Development Program by Cypress Semiconductor

18 May 2020, 12:10
Department of Employment and Industrial Relations

Cypress Semiconductor invites students to participate in the Embedded Summer Project Development Program.

What does the participant get?

  • the opportunity to work in the company as a member of the team
  • experience in working with the best specialists in the field of Embedded
  • project development on Cypress equipment
  • implementing ideas along with professional mentors
  • the reward for the best project
  • further cooperation with the company

To take part in the program you have to prepare a presentation in accordance with the requirements and send it to students_projects@cypress.com. Authors of the best presentations will be invited to the office of the company to present the topic.

The registration deadline is May 31, 2020.