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Polytechnic uses distance technologies not only for education, but for university management as well

31 Mar 2020, 16:09
Anastasiia Stepaniak, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

On March 31, Lviv Polytechnic held an online meeting of the leadership. The planned working meeting was decided to run remotely. The main issue for discussion was the end of the academic year.

Rector, as well as all Vice-Rectors and Directors of the Institutes took part in the meeting. We used the Microsoft Teams platform as the university had an agreement with Microsoft to use the Office 365 cloud service. During the meeting, we discussed the Polytechnic’s action plan after the current quarantine is over. Different plans were considered, as there is quite high likelihood that the quarantine will be continued. The end of the academic year raises many questions, so we tried to find a way to solve the problems we had encountered, commented Vice-Rector for Education and Informatization Pavlo Zhezhnych.

Rector and Vice-Rectors participated in the meeting, fulfilling all the requirements regarding the number of persons staying in one room. Each person was connected to a webinar on his own device. Directors participated remotely. The video conference lasted for about an hour and during this time there were no problems with communication.

On the one hand, the current conditions force us to hold meetings remotely, and on the other – this is the way a productive world lives. Companies that value their time and their employees use such technologies. This is an opportunity for Polytechnic to switch to distance technologies and to continue intensively using them in the future, regardless of whether the quarantine is continued or not, said Pavlo Zhezhnych.

According to Vice-Rector, the University’s subscription to Microsoft Teams allows unlimited use of the service, unlike other platforms that have a set limit of time, number of participants etc. Therefore, all our students and academic staff can organize video conferences at Microsoft Teams without limits.