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Polytechnic academic staff will teach to create startups: University representatives returned from London

6 Feb 2020, 12:48
Tetiana Pasovych, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

In January, representatives of Lviv Polytechnic spent the whole week in Kingston University. Assistant Professors of the Department of Administrative and Financial Management, the Institute of Administration and Postgraduate Education, Oksana Perkhach, Veronika Karkovska, Oksana Khymych, Yurii Blynda and a representative of Tech StartUp School Yana Levytska participated in trainings within the Creative Spark project, supported by the British Council.

The main purpose of the program is to activate entrepreneurship and help students of Ukrainian higher education institutions create startups, says Associate Professor Oksana Perkhach, who is Acting Deputy Head of the Department of International Relations. Last year our colleagues also attended such trainings. This year it was our turn. The main task was to learn from the international experience how to increase students’ activity and activity of young people in general (anyone can participate in trainings which we will soon organize in different cities of Ukraine).

This program operates in seven countries: Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with the support of the United Kingdom.

Returning from a business travel, program members are already planning their next steps. They will go to different cities of Ukraine, sharing their knowledge and experience at the trainings. The university, which wants to invite them, gathers a certain number of participants interested in such trainings, and then invites representatives of Lviv Polytechnic. Last year, their colleagues conducted such trainings in Mykolaiv, Odesa, Shostka, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipro, Ostroh and Rivne.

Thanks to Alan Flowers, Programme Coordinator at Kingston University, delegation members attended a startups exposition Creative Spark Showcase in the head office of the British Council in London. At this event, the results of the Creative Spark programme for 2019 – the winners of the Bright Ideas Competition held in London- were presented to all participating countries. Among them there was a PiPillow startup (winner of the Big Idea startup competition in London) by Tech StartUp School of Lviv Polytechnic.

A special website creativespark.com.ua has been created for all interested. Also there is a Facebook page. In addition, printed materials will be distributed. By typing Creative Spark, you can find a lot of information on Google. You can also visit the website of British Council or British Council Ukraine.