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Nataliia Chukhrai: «Lviv Polytechnic is a leader in the field of academic mobility and international relations in Ukraine»

12 Aug 2020, 12:21
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

In the Strategic Plan for the University Development, one of the important areas of work is to attract talented young people motivated to learn. For this purpose we have been developing an open learning environment and international integration.

Our tasks are to increase the number of international entrants and the development of academic mobility of students, postgraduates and academic staff. So, first of all, we must create a favorable environment for the development of cooperation, opportunities for the implementation of personal plans and projects within the university, and make sure that it is comfortable to carry out international activities in Polytechnic, says Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations Nataliia Chukhrai.

Our university has already signed agreements that provide for Education Double Degree programs in France, England, Germany and Poland.

Large-scale work has also been doing to increase the number of English-language programs and subjects that will increase the interest of international students to Lviv Polytechnic. In particular, it is planned to create multidisciplinary programs that will combine several areas. After all, according to the Vice-Rector the labour market needs specialists who have knowledge and skills in various fields.

The Center for Chinese-Ukrainian Cooperation has been actively working on signing agreements with Chinese colleges in such areas as Transport, Mechanical Engineering and Management and Administration. There is provided the 2 + 2 program: students study for two years in their higher education institutions in China, and for two years – at Polytechnic according to integrated programs and receive a bachelor’s degree. A number of educational projects have been developed for international students, in particular in the field of IT, to deepen knowledge and improve skills. Similar collaboration is planned with Canadian colleges.

Lviv Polytechnic staff is also involved in solving problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees of the Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems, ICSIT, together with the Department of Health of Lviv region and Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University became the winners of the European competition and are implementing Stop COVID-19 project.

Cooperation with the Francophonie University Association, which in the spring held a project competition in response to COVID-19, is also fruitful. The Department of Electronic Computing Machines, ICTA, won this project and has already been implementing it together with the Lviv Regional Phthisiopulmonological Clinical Medical Diagnostic Center.

Nataliia Chukhrai is convinced that Lviv Polytechnic has prerequisites for expanding the number of cooperation vectors as well as academic internships to draw on the best international experience.

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