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The most important thing about the admission campaign 2020 at Lviv Polytechnic

18 May 2020, 15:21
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

Taking into account epidemiological predictions in Ukraine, the admission campaign 2020 will be slightly different from all previous ones. Relevant changes were made by the Ministry of Education and Science to the Conditions for Admission to Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine.

The order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 591 of May 4, 2020 states that all dates of this year’s admission campaign must be postponed for one month. Therefore, registration of e-classrooms for entrants on the basis of complete general secondary education will begin on August 1, applications and documents will be accepted from August 13 to 22 (for those who enter according to the results of ZNO (external evaluation), and until August 16 for entrants who enter by interview, entrance exams and creative competitions.

Creative competitions and entrance exams for government-funded places will be held from August 1 to 12. Recommendations for enrollment for government-funded places must be provided no later than August 27, and entrants must submit the documents by the evening of August 31.

The changes also apply to the documents submission – everything will take place remotely. The submitted original documents will be kept in the higher education institution throughout the study period.

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