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In Lviv Polytechnicians help to implement the express project «Theater in front of the microphone» to help the blind

28 Apr 2020, 08:46
According to the website of Lviv City Council

Lviv Regional Office of the Ukrainian Union of Disabled Persons – USI started the implementation of a new express project called «Theater in front of the microphone». The project is being implemented as part of the Focus on Culture competition. According to Oksana Potymko, Head of Resource Center for Educational Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities, Lviv Polytechnic National University, during the quarantine this project must reduce the so-called «isolation» of people with severe visual impairments, who are deprived of many opportunities sighted people have: watching television, reading books without assistance, etc.

The express project «Theater in front of the microphone» aims to create several accessible cultural products at once: 2 radio plays, 1 inclusive literary project, 3/5 audio books. Currently we are working on a literary project, including voicing the famous work of Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s The Little Prince. A blind girl from Khmelnytskyi Olha Buchyn plays the role of a Little Prince, told Oksana Potymko.