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Lviv Polytechnic Rector Professor Yurii Bobalo reports on achievements in 2019

3 Feb 2020, 13:37
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

On January 30, Professor Yurii Bobalo, Rector of the University, reported on the achievements of Lviv Polytechnic over the last year at the staff meeting.

He emphasized that the positive image of Polytechnic is created by the achievements in all fields. Highlighting the growth in the various rankings, prof. Bobalo emphasized:

It is especially gratifying that Lviv Polytechni is the only Ukrainian higher education institution ranked 801–1000 in the World University Rankings Times Higher Education. In the fields of Engineering and Technology and Physical Sciences our University is also the only Ukrainian institution of higher education ranked 601–800. Extremely important is the fact that compared to last year Lviv Polytechnic has improved its position in the field of Computer Science, ranking first in 252–300. In the field of Business and Economics Lviv Polytechnic is the only Ukrainian university in this category.

Regarding the admission campaign, Lviv Polytechnic is in the top three by the number of students enrolled in government-funded courses. It has also become the leader of HEI with the biggest number of Enrollment Agreements. Our University is in the top five according to the number of admission applications, the number of additional places for government-funded courses and the number of entrants with the highest EIT scores.

In total, in 2019, 10,950 people were enrolled at Lviv Polytechnic and the colleges that are part of its structure, and more than half of them – at the expense of juridical and natural persons.

The leader according to the number of entrants is ICTA. And a number of Institutes – ICCT, IMFS, IHSS, ICSIT and IEM – have the biggest number of entrants with the highest scores.

Achievements in the field of education include licensing of three specialities, implementation of five educational programs, accreditation of two directions of training, seven master’s degree programs and ten specialities.

Last year Polytechnic students won at All-Ukrainian Olympiads and competitions. 66 students won in the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad. IEM has the biggest number of achievements. 77 students won at science research competitions. Among the most successful are students of IEM, ISD, ICCT and ICTA.

Also last year, Polytechnic increased the number of applications for international grants. In total, there were submitted 140 applications and the leaders are ICSIT, ISD and ICCT. As for the number of education scholarships and grants: IHSS made 5 applications, ICTA – 4 and ICCT – 4. As for the number of collective educational projects: IHSS – 13 applications, IEM – 7and ICTA – 7.

Among the science projects that began to be implemented in 2019 there are: the Horizon 2020 project «Heavy Metal Free Emitters for New-Generation Light Sources» (Professor Pavlo Stakhira, ITRE); a NATO project «Determination of Exposed Dose and Radioactive Source Identity in Radiological Emergency» (Professor Serhii Ubizskyi, ITRE); ICDD grant project «X-ray diffraction data for intermetallic compounds based on rare earth metals» (Professor Zoia Duriahina, IEMT).

Polytechnicians also have good scores in the R1 ranking by the h-index in Scopus in 2019 among researchers, teaching staff, Doctoral Candidates and postgraduate students. New names appeared in the top ten, and those who have already been ranked improved their positions.

Last year, Tech StartUp School, one of the top 10 organizations that changed the city, was the most active among the Polytechnic units. IECDR, which long ago became a hallmark of Lviv Polytechnic, also impresses by its activity, dynamism and innovative approaches.

Over the last year there were lots of achievements in infrastructure development as well. New training centers and laboratories were created. ICTA became the most effective in this area – 4 new laboratories were opened there. New laboratories also appeared at ICSIT and IPEC.

One of the most important news is that Lviv Polytechnic is in second place according to the increase of state funding – 69 million. Rector Yurii Bobalo points out that this also multiplies the tasks for each unit of the University.

Those present at the staff meeting approved the rector’s report by a vote.