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Lviv Polytechnic delegation participated in the Chinese-Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Exchange Summit

17 Jan 2020, 16:43
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

For a week a delegation of Lviv Polytechnic representatives, which included Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations Nataliia Chukhrai and Vice-Rector for Education and Strategic Development Liliia Zhuk, as well as the Head of the Department for Foreign Students Serhii Kupchak attended the large-scale Chinese-Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Exchange Summit.

More than 300 Summit participants include leaders in the educational sphere, representatives of Zhejiang Provincial Government and delegations of 12 Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions from Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv.

Speaking at the forum, Chen Hao, Deputy Chairman of the Association for International Education of Zhejiang Province, noted that China launched a state program «One Belt – One Way». Within the program there were identified the main areas of development: innovative educational technologies, improvement of academics’ professionalism, academic mobility with the HEI of other countries and the opening of analytical centers to share academic achievements.

At the end of 2019, Lviv Polytechnic began to cooperate with Xipei Education, which has recently received a license to work in the education market of Ukraine. Its main objective is to attract Chinese students to study at Ukrainian universities. It was Xipei Education that initiated the Chinese-Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Exchange Summit. For our University participation in this event and cooperation with the multi-million Republic of China is extremely important. The combination of their educational needs and our potential will produce a good result, said Nataliia Chukhrai, Vice-Rector for International Relations. In the summer, an admission campaign will be held in Hangzhou where our academics will select students with the appropriate level of knowledge to begin training in Ukrainian and English for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree.

– Such events are extremely important for our University, because due to them we can position ourselves in a global information environment that is consistent with our strategy. We also have the opportunity to establish relationships with other universities in the context of such trips. Speaking of results, this is one more confirmation that we have a lot to change at our University. First of all, it is the quality of educational services that will depend on whether we can further develop the direction of international education cooperation. Infrastructure, leisure, recreation and dormitories are also important. It is also an opportunity to focus on what information circulates about us. This is a confirmation of the need to improve the basic processes at the University, says Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Liliia Zhuk.

The Center for Chinese-Ukrainian Cooperation, headed by Professor of the Institute of Economics and Management, Mykhailo Yastrubskyi, has started operating at Lviv Polytechnic. Together with Lviv city authorities we are working on the creation of the Confucius Institute, whose work will cover the whole Western region.

Now we are working to expand this cooperation. Therefore, the Center for Chinese-Ukrainian Cooperation will become a platform not only for cultural cooperation, but for the development of science and technology, the implementation of a number of startups, the creation of joint laboratories and much more, added Nataliia Chukhrai.