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Local BEST Group Lviv: dreams turn into goals

31 Mar 2020, 14:30
Local BEST Group Lviv

There are lots of dreams, but how to implement them? Together with BEST dreams will turn into goals that will be easy to realize, gain an unforgettable impressions and a valuable experience.

Here’s the feedback from people who made their dreams come true when they chose BEST.

Luba Franchuk:

«BEST has fulfilled many of my dreams: I have been to 12 countries for a year and a half and for the first time traveled on the ship such as the Titanic.»

Yuliana Partyka:

«I always wanted to be a part of something great, and now I am in the team of organizers of Engineering Career Fair. Also I wanted to travel a lot. Previously, I rarely did it, but in BEST there are always some trips. But the most important thing in the organization is people. It’s like zumba – everybody dances. Having friends who believe and support you is the biggest dream realized in BEST.»

Volodia Hresko:

«I wanted to visit Portugal, organize a project and have a big party. And I managed to do all this with the help of BEST.»

Roksolana Chulup:

«Thanks to BEST, I do what I am very fond of – design. I always wanted to learn to understand people, to cooperate with them and to be a leader. Oh, and not to mention English! It is my dream to learn to speak some languages perfectly, so I am in the process of making it happen.»

Volodia Morozov:

«The most important thing that BEST gave me is cool friends, the company you can always have fun with, people who always support you. I dreamed of going abroad and finding friends there and I did it.»