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On the initiative of young researchers of Lviv Polytechnic a new survey on Open Science has been announced

24 Mar 2020, 12:21
Scientific Society of Young Researchers, Lviv Polytechnic

Open Science is an international movement to make scientific research and its dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional. Today, its principles are one of the foundations of the European Union’s vision and de facto a standard for scientific communication in Europe. The benefits of implementing these principles can provide a significant impetus for development in all fields of science, including the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus, present a range of economic benefits and promote science.

In 2018, an online survey was conducted by an initiative group of young researchers from Lviv Polytechnic, with the support of the Council of Young Scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, to identify the level of Open Science awareness and involvement of members of the Ukrainian scientific community in relevant practices. 1037 respondents from all oblasts of Ukraine took part in the survey.

Conducting a resurvey will help to track the dynamics of awareness and prevalence of Open Science practices in Ukraine. The results of the survey will be released to the public and will be an additional argument in favor of raising grant funds for the development of research infrastructure in Ukraine.

Survey on Open Science Awareness in Ukraine