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How to get an internship in Poland: Leopolis for Future program was presented at the University

10 Mar 2020, 08:47
Anna Zihanshyna, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

On February 27, the internship program Leopolis for Future was presented in the main building of Polytechnic.

For seven years Lviv Polytechnic has been participating in this program. Annually, up to 15 best students, who passed the selection process, go to Warsaw and Gdańsk for a month paid professional internship at Polish companies and institutions. The initiator is Grzegorz Waluszewski, chairman of the Board of Leopolis For Future Foundation and Arthur Gabor, member of the Board of ORLEN. Official partners are well-known Polish companies and local governments.

How to get an internship? First of all you have to be a student of Lviv Polytechnic and speak English at least at B2 level or Polish at least at B1. The program is focused on talented young people who seek new experiences. Internship industry areas are the most diverse, it all depends on the job. Every year the number of companies increases. Poland pays for visa, flight and accommodation. Program participants also receive a salary that can be used for their needs. To participate in the competition, you must submit to the Center for International Education (main building, room 342) such documents in English as: a resume of the appropriate format, a motivational letter (with the obligatory indication of the institution where you intend to do your internship) and the consent to the processing of personal data. If you are majoring in a creative specialty, you have to submit your portfolio as well. Articles, projects, research and course works are significant bonuses to the competition. More information is available at http://leopolisforfuture.pl.

The site has a list of companies. By the way, now there are more of them. Take a close look at what interests you. There are several stages of selection. The first is writing a motivational letter. The next step is Skype communication, during which it gets clear whether you know English and are really interested. The final stage is an interview at the Consulate, said Viktoria Marchuk, Vice President of Leopolis for Future program.

Of course, due to such programs you can gain a great experience for your future work.

Employers think: if you took part in this program, you passed certain tests as well. What does it mean? Ability to collect required documents, for example, for a flight, to deal with foreigners, to solve some issues etc. It all shapes you as an employee, says Nataliia Hots, Head of the Center for International Education.

What opportunities does Leopolis for Future give students? To improve professional skills, undergo internship and collaborate with global companies.

The President of the Leopolis for Future program in Lviv believes:

When you are looking for a job, it gives you a lot of benefits because you have the opportunity to do your internship abroad. And this is not an ordinary internship that you can do in your city. This is an experience which you definitely won’t get at home, so it’s worth a try.