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A graduate of SCIA Department tells about her study at Lviv Polytechnic and job abroad

19 May 2020, 08:50
SCIA Department, Lviv Polytechnic

Iryna Stepaniak, a graduate of the Department of Social Communication and Information Activities, Lviv Polytechnic National University, shared her experience of studying here and working abroad.

According to Iryna, one of the most valuable skills acquired during study was a systematic, planned and methodical approach to solving the set tasks, which has been still helping to plan working hours, self-study and utilize working hours effectively. Also interesting was the course program, which combined technical disciplines with communicative. It gave the opportunity to choose the direction of development: the graduate chose the technical field, although many of her group mates found themselves in communication. In addition, the support of academic staff during the fulfillment of practical tasks and the opportunity to get constructive feedback, while writing course works and preparing for exams, were also very important. All this helped to believe in her own strength and achieve the set goals.

Immediately after her study, Iryna got a job in one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine – SoftServe, where she worked for almost 6 years – from junior QA engineer to QA manager. Afterwards she got the opportunity to try her hand abroad, where she worked in the IT department of the investment bank. Currently she is working as Software QA Architect in the R&D department of the biotech company in the Netherlands, where she has the opportunity to develop, systematize and improve the quality assurance process of the final product.