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Four ICCT students will undergo their summer internship at North Dakota State University (USA)

14 Apr 2020, 16:29
OC Department, Lviv Polytechnic

Under the Collaboration Agreement between Lviv Polytechnic National University and North Dakota State University, USA, there is summer internship program Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in USA (USURE) for Lviv Polytechnic students.

This year, lots of postgraduate students and students of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies got interested in the program and submitted their applications for participation. The competent commission at North Dakota State University, where Lviv Polytechnic students will undergo their internships, selected the most deserving candidates from all applicants.

The commission not only took into account the academic achievement of students, but also the recommendations given by Polytechnic academics to the applicants, the experience of research work, the level of English proficiency and so on.

The winners of the research internship program USURE 2020 are four students from the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies: Marta Bukartyk and Bohdan Domnich, who are studying for their Master’s Degree at the Department of Organic Chemistry, and two third-year students: Marko Pankiv and Anton Nazaruk.

In the summer of 2020 Marta Bukartyk will work with Dr. Xiangfa Wu and his team at the Department of Mechanical Engineering for ten weeks. Bohdan Domnich will undergo his internship in the team of Professor Andriy Voronov at the Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials, while Anton Nazaruk will undertake scientific research under the direction of the Head of the same Department, Professor Dean Webster. Marko Pankiv will be an intern at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in Professor Mukund Sibi’s team.

The next academic year there will be the new application selection for summer internship program USURE in 2021.

Chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology third year or master’s students who study at the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies, Lviv Polytechnic, are invited to participate in the internship program.

In addition, first- and second-year postgraduate students studying at ICCT can also participate in USURE program.

The coordinator of this program at Lviv Polytechnic National University is Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Ph.D. Ananii Kohut.

Detailed information about the conditions of participation and requirements for applicants can be obtained directly from the coordinator in the VIII academic building of the University, lab. 124.