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Formula for success from a graduate of Lviv Polytechnic IEAT and a successful banker

27 Mar 2020, 14:18
Iryna Martyn, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

Yurii Symonenko is a graduate of the Institute of Enterprise and Advanced Technologies, Lviv Polytechnic, Deputy Director of the Electronic Business Department at Kredobank, as well as a co-owner of Lviv Soap Workshop.

Although Yurii is no longer a student, he is actively meeting with those who are now studying at his alma mater. He shares his experience and his own formulas for success that form the life credo of this successful banker.

Yurii Symonenko was born in Boryslav, Lviv region. In 2006 he graduated from the Department of Finance, IEAT, Lviv Polytechnic. He believes human can achieve everything, the main thing is to overcome fear. And he proves it with his achievements.

From his student times he remembered that theory without practice is empty. Since he was always interested in finance – from numismatics to stock exchanges, he decided to develop himself professionally in the banking sector. His professional activities he develops in Kredobank. Today Yurii Symonenko is Deputy Director of the Electronic Business Department. After completing his studies, he held various positions in Drohobych and Truskavets branches, was an expert in Privat Banking, later he became Head of the branch in Drohobych. In 2012, he was invited to the Head Office of Kredobank, as an expert in the Retail Business Department, where he collaborated with insurance companies and external clients.

In 2014 he underwent his internship at PKO BP SA Warsaw Bank. In two years he became the Deputy Director of the Electronic Business Department at Kredobank.

Every day he broadens his skills for an hour and a half, reading the professional literature. Also he reads other kinds of books. Among the most recent are the science-fiction novel Dune by American writer Frank Herbert, as well as Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed. Digital Human by Chris Skinner, the last book he read, he strongly recommends students.

The acquaintance with Chris Skinner, one of the most influential people in the banking industry, he finds to be significant: according to various versions, he is a titan in financial technology, one of the leaders in this field and one of the five most influential people in the list of leaders in information security.

Among the skills required for students, Yurii Symonenko emphasizes the ability to distinguish fakes from reality, think critically and manage your own finances.