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«Consume wisely»: a new Ukrainian startup from Lviv Polytechnicians embodies European realities

13 Oct 2020, 11:53

From the beginning of October 2020, there was launched the RENTA.ua service, which allows hundreds of users to rent and lease any product. Ukrainians are gradually learning to live in the modern conditions of the sharing economy, i.e. joint consumption. These concepts have already become part of our daily lexicon.

Sharing economy (SE) is a system of social relations that involves the sharing of material and human resources. For example, instead of buying a new thing or service, you can rent property, whether it’s a camera or construction tools.

The idea for the startup was proposed by two graduates of Lviv Polytechnic National University who joined forces to develop the project. Arsen Soroka from Lviv, an IT specialist by education, takes care of the development of the online resource. Andrii Pelekh from Uzhhorod, who graduated from the Institute of Economics and Management, embodies the idea of promoting the service and is engaged in its content and development, as well as looking for investors. For 7 years that have passed since University graduation, the guys have gained experience, both working in various companies and as independent entrepreneurs. The result of such cooperation was RENTA, which has no analogues by its scale in our country.

RENTA is the unique search engine that will help you find any product from various areas of use – from bicycle to quadcopter rental. Users do not have to waste time reviewing individual resources for renting travel equipment, tools or clothing. The new portal works quickly and at the same time is convenient due to the use of smart search and allows you to book the right thing for the right time.

The startup was developed in Western Ukraine, but a resident of any city or village now has the opportunity to use the website. Residents of megacities – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Dnipro are actively involved in the world practice of sharing, because the advantages of the method are beneficial not only for the income of citizens, but also for the environment. The initiators of the project are confident in their development: «Our service is designed for modern Ukrainians who care about the environment, and want to save their time and money».