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Another success of Polytechnic chemists: nanomaterial for cell growth is created due to international cooperation

2 Jun 2020, 13:48
OC Department, Lviv Polytechnic

The AGRONEWS website published a material entitled «Scientists of Ukraine and Poland have created a nanomaterial for growing cells for animal artificial insemination.» The results of the scientific research were published in the Biointerphases journal, USA.

The study, conducted together with the researchers from the Jagiellonian University (Poland) and the Institute of Animal Biology of NAAS, involved such employees of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Lviv Polytechnic National University, as Professor S. Voronov, Associate Professor Yu. Stetsyshyn, Associate Professor V. Vasyliev and others. Researchers have developed a new grafted polymer brush coatings for cell growth, which is of great importance for animal artificial insemination.

More details are in the original material (ua.)