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Academician Ihor Yukhnovskyi became Doctor Honoris Causa of Lviv Polytechnic

22 Jan 2020, 14:22
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication

On January 21, Academician Ihor Yukhnovskyi, Hero of Ukraine, the founder and Director of the Institute of National Memory (2006–2010), the Honorary Director of the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the NAS of Ukraine, was conferred Doctor Honoris Causa in Lviv Polytechnic. This is already the 51st official meeting of the Academic Board of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Professor Petro Kostrobii, the Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics, the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences, presented the Doctoral Candidate Academician Ihor Yukhnovskyi. He spoke in detail about Ihor Yukhnovskyi’s work in the field of Statistical Physics and Condensed Matter and in the socio-political sphere.

Taking the solemn oath, Ihor Yukhnovskyi promised to keep forever good memories of Lviv Polytechnic and to continue his work for the benefit of all mankind.

In his inaugural address, Ihor Yukhnovskyi focused on his three most recent achievements in physics, politics, and society.

10 years after returning from Kyiv, I worked on the phases of transitions of a substance from one aggregate state to another. I fully worked out a one-component system. I first proved the existence of the most important point that characterizes the phase transition. I managed to get this point – the same probability for each molecule of a substance to be in a gas or liquid state, said the scientist.

Extensive work and lots of efforts were made when Ihor Yukhnovskyi was the editor-in-chief in the group of the most prominent lawyers of Ukraine on the creation of the Constitution.

We have now written a project of a new Constitution of Ukraine. Despite the difficult situation in the country, we must have a new constitution, a new political system that is inherent in Ukraine, emphasized Doctor Honoris Causa of Lviv Polytechnic. This Constitution consists of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Each branch of government is thoroughly written in the light of new circumstances. It envisages the creation of a Bicameral Parliamentary System, where the lower house is the Verkhovna Rada and the upper house is the Senate, which will consist of four senators from each oblast. The Senate will create rules of conduct for all power structures, and the Verkhovna Rada will approve the budget and the state government. The Senate with equal representation of each oblast will be a very stable structure. Each senator will serve for six years, and every three years the third of the senate will be changed. The entire power structure consists of the lowest level authorities

The third area in which Academician Ihor Yukhnovskyi works concerns the social and moral state of society.

A society can form a state only when it becomes a nation. The main feature of a nation is dignity, which is brought up from a young age, at school, in the army and at work. The primary task of the state and the government is that every new invention, every new form of management automation must be evaluated according to the energy released to where it must be directed. If this is not done, this energy will be wasted: we see that today most young people are just playing computer games – this is unacceptable. That energy must be directed to certain tasks, which will create inner dignity in everyone who performs them.

At the end of the inaugural celebration, Academician Ihor Yukhnovskyi was greeted by his colleagues from the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics and the Director of the International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations, Iryna Kliuchkovska.