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УStudents of Academic Gymnasium at Lviv Polytechnic are winners of the International Holodomor Research Competition

23 Dec 2019, 11:31
Organizers of the event

IV International Volodymyr Maniak and Lidiia Kovalenko Interdisciplinary Competition of Scientific and Artistic Works, dedicated to Holodomor Research, has come to its end.

In the nomination «The best research and artistic works by pupils of general secondary education institutions», the sub-nomination «The best pupils’ works, grades 5–8», the diploma of the 1st degree and the monetary reward of 5 thousand hryvnias were awarded to Luka Bartniev and Zakhar Voitiv, pupils of the 8th grade at Lviv Academic Gymnasium, Lviv Polytechnic National University, for their «Strategies for Survival and Manifestation of Humanity during Holodomor» (text, video).

In the sub-nomination «The best pupils’ works, grades 9–11», a diploma of the 2nd degree and a monetary reward of 3 thousand hryvnias were given to Sofiia Shelepylo, the 9th grade pupil at the Academic Gymnasium, Lviv Polytechnic, for her «Holodomor» picture.