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Ukrainian company, in cooperation with the University’s researchers, develops the latest flight simulators

18 Jul 2019, 11:25
According to the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The whole world uses simulators to train pilots. In Ukraine, military pilots also have modern flight simulation and combat applications systems for airplanes and helicopters. Lviv LLC «Market-Mats» designs and manufactures the latest flight simulators of IV-V generations.

In general, the development and manufacture of such simulators is long and expensive process, but the products impress with their complexity. According to Yurii Borys, the head of the Construction Department of the enterprise, they use only modern technologies to recreate aircraft flight, the environment in which it flies and the work of all its control systems. For example, with the help of the researchers from Lviv Polytechnic National University, which successfully work on the design of linear engines, there was created a unique system that absolutely accurately reproduces the reaction to applications of flight controls. Thus the pilot does not feel the difference between the airplane and the simulator, which greatly increases the quality of the development.