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Three-dimensional model of ancient Zvenyhorod was presented at Lviv Polytechnic

1 Nov 2019, 12:50
RAAH Department, Lviv Polytechnic

On October 30, Lviv Polytechnic National University presented a 3D-model of Zvenyhorod, one of the oldest cities in the Ukrainian Prykarpattia region. Nearly a millennium ago, it existed near present Lviv – just 25 km away. Its appearance in the XI-XIII centuries was successfully reproduced by the cooperation of archaeologists, architects and visualizers.

The presented 3D-model became the basis for the creation of a Virtual Tour through the ancient Zvenyhorod. You can not only see the bird’s eye view of the princely capital, but «visit» the ancient streets, the ancient church and even the princely palace.

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Zvenyhorod. Virtual Tour through the ancient princely capital