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A third-year student of the Institute of Economics and Management Yana Rudenko: internship supplements education

23 Jul 2019, 10:05
Kateryna Hrechyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

Yana Rudenko, a third-year student of IEM, studies Economics of Enterprise. Currently she has chosen Personnel Management, because she likes working with people.

The girl came to Lviv from Cherkasy region. She has consciously chosen Economics at Lviv Polytechnic as she understood that this profession offers a wide choice in the labour market. Also she really wanted to study only in Lviv. From the first days of study she was actively engaged into public work, especially when she became a member of the public organization AIESEC. There she was learning how to be leader, to implement social projects and established relationships with volunteers from China, Turkey, Egypt, France, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Greece and the Netherlands, with whom she is still good friends. The first project she implemented in Skole, Drohobych and Stryi, where, she, together with her foreign peers, on her own example, encouraged students to study English. Such meetings were good motivation for schoolchildren to study.

Yana was responsible for the AIESEC international cultural project «Spirit of Lviv» in Lviv, whose goal was to bring libraries closer to schoolchildren and students and make more use of them. It is not a secret that libraries live their «quiet» life, and young people want not only to read books there, but also to organize various events, to communicate and hold discussions.

The acquired skills were very useful for Jana in Kyiv, where she was responsible for the AIESEC YouthGeneration Conference-2017. Three weeks passed quickly, with lots of interesting meetings and events. The conference gathered 250 people – representatives of business, various companies and students. Actually, it was done for students, so they understood they could show themselves whenever and wherever they wanted.

The girl tries to combine her education with social work, as she feels how interconnected they are. AIESEC, for example, taught her professionalism, discipline, the ability to see the goal and go for it, to seek resources for its implementation. Such great internship smoothly supplements her study. Now the girl is looking for new projects. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree, she plans to find a job, implementing various projects in business, sales and product management, as well as to improve herself, putting the knowledge and skills gained at the university into practice.