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Thanks to the Polytechnic graduate Rynok Square in Ivano-Frankivsk can turn into interactive space

8 Jan 2019, 14:03
According to the Kurs.if.ua website

The young architect Myroslav Kovalskyi has recently defended his diploma paper at Lviv Polytechnic National University, in which he showed how to turn Rynok Square in Ivano-Frankivsk into an interactive public space.

According to Myroslav Kovalsky’s idea, after the reconstruction the Square in front of the city hall must turn into a huge amphitheater with a dungeon.

Under the ground there can be everything: cafes, clubs, halls, some thematic workshops, and much more. This is a conceptual proposition. The details need to be worked out, says the architect.

Myroslav Kovalskyi had the idea how to turn Rynok Square into an interactive public space for about three years. The project is based on real studies and calculations.

Consequently, Rynok Square should turn into a pedestrian zone, in the middle of which the amphitheater will be erected. Also, you can go down the dungeon. By the way, the whole infrastructure will be designed taking into account the needs of low-mobility groups.

If the city determines to implement this project, it can be finished in three or four years.