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Lviv Polytechnicians were informed how to submit documents to Jean Monnet project and about the peculiarities of this program

22 Jan 2019, 15:10
Iryna Martyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

During a Skype conference on January 22, Petro Krainik, representative of the National Erasmus + office in Ukraine, told the scientists of Lviv Polytechnic about the peculiarities of this program.

The department scientists who apply for one of the educational programs of the European Union – Jean Monet program – attended the meeting. What is special about this project? It has three main tasks: to spread knowledge about European integration and to inform society, encouraging universities to teach European Integration disciplines and conduct researches; to motivate scientists to hold conferences, discussions, debates; to support higher education institutions specializing in European studies.

Mr. Krainik told about the peculiarities of this project in general, and, in more detail, how to register for the program, what documents are needed to be prepared. How to use the program? When exactly is the most optimal way to apply for the competition? How to search for projects that are relevant to the researches? How to fill in the application form and submit it? Petro Krainik explained all these issues. Also he focused on certain aspects of the Declaration on Honour, which contestants have to fill out as well.

The researchers asked the speaker various questions concerning the specifics of submitting documents to the project. Mr. Krainik assured that at any time, candidates can call or write to the office and receive answers to all their questions about the competition. Nataliia Hots, Head of Center for International Education of Lviv Polytechnic, emphasized it is important to know all the subtleties of the project, as lots of people want to take part in it.