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Higher School of Public Leadership, held at Tech StartUp School of Lviv Polytechnic, to be continued

22 Feb 2019, 14:05
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

Five days of intensive work, discussions, new acquaintances and daring plans – this was the first Higher School of Public Leadership, held at Tech StartUp School of Lviv Polytechnic from February 18 to 22.

More than twenty speakers from different spheres shared their experience with young people, representatives of business and community organizations. From the first day of its activity it became clear that School must be continued. The demand in such a platform, where leaders of various fields of activity can meet with those who want to learn about the experience of practitioners, is dictated by the time and development of the country.

The Higher School of Public Leadership makes it possible to distinguish successful experience and create new leaders. After all, often successful people, despite advanced social network and media, live in a rather closed environment. And such a platform is an opportunity to meet others for discussions. Another reason for the creation of this School is to demonstrate useful, interesting foreign experience of corporate business management. After all, there is not always enough time or opportunity to find the described experience and comprehend it. And this will help form a completely different level of thinking. It is good to know what is happening here in Ukraine, but it is also useful to learn from the experience of Great Britain, the European Union and the USA. For example, we had an interesting lecture about the work experience of community organizations in the United States. I hope that as a result of such an exchange of ideas, the listeners of Schools will receive an additional incentive not to stop serving society, said Oleh Paska, Director of Higher School of Public Leadership.

In general, School not only teaches leadership, but induces to lead, especially young people. This is one of the tasks that organizers and mentors take upon themselves.