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GlobalLogic specialists will deliver lectures for Lviv Polytechnic students

12 Feb 2019, 09:53
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

On February 8, Polytechnic students of the Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems of ICSIT of Lviv Polytechnic were told about current trends in the IT world, why it is important to know the programming language C, what a successful embedded developer must know and where there is a place for soldering iron. Director of Engineering, GlobalLogic, Konstantyn Pelekh came to the meeting.

At the first motivational lecture, Konstantyn Pelekh told students the wonderful news: specialists of one of the largest IT companies in Lviv – GlobalLogic – will cooperate with the robotics workshop, as well as conduct a series of thematic lectures for future IT specialists. The guest emphasized that this is a mutual interest of the university and the company. For both sides, it is important that students gain knowledge that is as close as possible to the real requirements of this industry.

The meeting was not in the form of a usual lecture, but rather communication. With the first questions from students it became clear: they want to take maximum from study and clearly understand what they need. The proof of the conscious choice of the future profession is that, choosing a department for study, they focused on its mobility, cooperation with practitioners and the fact that the study program is not separated from the needs of the market.

The GlobalLogic Director of Engineering noted that there is constant study and training for employees within the company. We try to help those who are truly interested in changes and quality education. The desire to develop, focus on mobility and understanding where to go, made the Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems be of interest to GlobalLogic.

Students were interested in specifics of work in the teams of such big companies as GlobalLogic. So the guest shared his experience, emphasizing, in particular, that he likes the leadership which he does not notice.

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