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Finnish and Estonian specialists trained Ukrainian academics at the seminar in the Automobile and Road College of University

10 Jun 2019, 10:46
Khmelnytskyi Polytechnic College of Lviv Polytechnic

Recently, Lviv Automobile and Road College of Lviv Polytechnic National University together with Prodiags specialists, gathered academics of Road Transport from many parts of Ukraine for a scientific and practical seminar «Using the virtual training environment of the Prodiags program in diagnosis of gasoline engines».

During the seminar, Virgo Titsu (Finland), board member of Prodiags, shared the experience of the use of the Prodiags virtual environment for the students teaching. Virgo Titsu, along with Estonian colleagues, conducted practical classes to improve skills at diagnosis of gasoline engines, work with an automotive oscilloscope and familiarized with OBD, EOBD and OEM protocols.

A separate part of practical classes was familiarization with the structure of the virtual environment and the basics of its administration under the guidance of an Estonian leading specialist.

During the seminar, Ukrainian academics showed a sufficient level of professional knowledge of the English language, which let them fully understand and learn from the experience the Prodiags representatives.