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Diary of the XII International Summer School of Ukrainian Studies «Step to Ukraine». Day three

18 Jul 2019, 13:12
IECDR, Lviv Polytechnic

The highlight of the third day of the Summer School «Step to Ukraine», filled with, as always, interesting lessons by teachers of the International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations of Lviv Polytechnic, was the original master class on Christmas star making. It was conducted by Olia Rusnak, an expert in Ukrainian authenticity.

The participants of the School learned about traditions of making and using Ukrainian Christmas attributes, the history of the Spalakh Rizdvianoi Zvizdy festival (Sparkling of the Christmas Star) and learned how to make this Christmas symbol. Everyone excellently coped with the task, so soon their artistic creations will go to different European countries.

In addition, a student from the Czech Republic, Barbora Nejedlikova, gave interview to the journalists, in which she spoke about the Summer School «Step to Ukraine» and her interest in Ukrainian.

That’s how – in a positive atmosphere – the study at the IECDR continues.