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First steps in Germany: students of the Technical College at University did their internship in Thuringia

22 Aug 2018, 15:33
German-Ukrainian Education Center of Lviv Polytechnic

Recently four students of Technical College at Lviv Polytechnic National University under the direction of Denys Nevinskyi, Director of the German-Ukrainian Education Center of University, did their internship in Thuringia (Germany). Here, in Lviv, they study Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Machines and Equipment, and learn the German language at B1 level at the German-Ukrainian Education Center of Lviv Polytechnic. Language training takes place with the support of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Erfurt.

From July 16 to 20, 2018, students did their one-week internship at leading Thuringian entrepreneurs, namely Ospelt Food GmbH (three students) and SWE Stadtwerke Erfurt GmbH (one student). During the internship students learned how the practical component of German dual education system works. First of all, staying in Thuringia was a wonderful opportunity for them to get acquainted with the latest equipment and technologies, used at European factories, to see the innovation potential, uncompromising quality and constant desire to improve manufacturing, as well as to master technologies, methods and production processes under the most experienced specialists and professionals at these enterprises.

In the middle of the week, our students spent a day at the Erfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After a welcoming speech by Professor Gerald Grusser, Director General of the CCI in Erfurt, students were shown several interesting presentations. At the same time, the Ukrainian youth had the opportunity to get a new experience and then personally talk to Mr. Grusser and share their impressions of the internship and what they saw in Germany.