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«Spalakh» teaches how to make masterpieces with a telephone: photography contest participants’ works were exhibited in the University

30 Mar 2017, 09:00
Nataliya Pavlyshyn, student weekly newspaper «Audytoriya»

The works of the All-Ukrainian photography contest «Spalakh» participants are exhibited in Lviv Polytechnic main building. The exhibition and the cycle of lectures on photographs and social networks have been organized by the members of Lviv Polytechnic Students and PhD Students Union.

This year, the theme of our lectures and workshops was photographs taken with a mobile phone. Nowadays you can take selfies, take photos of the places you have been to. Some phones have a rather powerful camera, so the quality of the shots is good. Last year, one company conducted a survey and found out that 80–90 per cent of photos in the Internet are uploaded from phones, – Danylo Plesnytskiy, contest organizer, Head of the Students and PhD Students Union of the Institute of Architecture, said. – Lecturers, who are at same time members of the contest jury, – Leonid Martynchyk, Sofia Lupul and Andriy Hudz opened all aspects of phone photography, told students how to use social networks to earn money and promote your works. It is important for us to make our lectures not only interesting but also useful, so that students can use the knowledge that they have gained in real life. That is why all lectures were built in the form of dialogue for young people to find out about something they are interested in.

In total, almost one hundred contestants from all over Ukraine and even Poland took part in «Spalakh». However, only the most interesting and the best quality photographs were selected for the exhibition.

As Danylo Plesetskiy (he pursues photography professionally) said, – it doesn’t matter what technique you use to take photos, the essential thing is the philosophy of perceiving and feeling beauty. If you also know the rules of composition, you can take very nice, good quality photos using a mobile phone.