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«Polytechnic Spring», so early and so «green»: 57th Student Creativity Festival has been opened

17 Mar 2017, 15:19
Nataliya Pavlyshyn, student weekly newspaper «Audytoriya»

Last week, «Polytechnic Spring» started to blossom. Like spring in the nature, which fills roots and branches with fresh juices, making new shoots grow, festival «Spring» made a lot of noise and promises before it started. On March 7, the teams of all institutes showed their preliminary performances to get the audience interested in coming and supporting further performances on a certain day at a certain time.

Like everything that «shoots» before its time does not always produce good results, the beginning of «Polytechnic Spring» was rather «unripe». I can’t remember so much chaos and uncertainty. Students were fussing on the stage, the host was fussing too. Some performers had faulty microphones. Some had too many microphones. And the host’s phrase «I’d better take it away myself» became most repeated one for the host had to manage the stage, waiting for the teams to get ready. Apart from the joint performances – preliminary and final – which were well-rehearsed, everything else looked like some kind of weird and not very good improvisation, not to mention the delay of the beginning of the concert because students are students, and you can’t do anything about it.

However, there are always people, who thanks to their experience and strong team did not leave everything for the last minute and had time to rehearse and to prepare a good script. They put up a very interesting show.

Of course, each institute has to come and support its students. But I would also recommend you to enjoy performances of other institutes, which demonstrated in their preliminary performances that they knew what they were going to show or at least they had decided on a theme.

So, last year’s winners, the Institute of Architecture, did not disappoint us. The brevity and sophistication in their performances always evoke positive emotions, and they are remembered for many years. This year they showed a photo studio a la the beginning of the last century. There were invitations to the performance which were dropped from the ceiling, and the photographer, who spoke to the audience about the authenticity which is hidden in everyone and which can be shown in the photographs. Architects use such short episodes to get the audience interested.

Some institutes presented themselves in the form of a video. It should be said that it worked. Having shot their videos at a professional level, they not only showed themselves as actors, but also intrigued the audience because every video made people want to see what was going to happen next. Thus the performances of the Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology, the Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies and the Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering are expected to be interesting.

The Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies has been among leaders for several years running. Sometimes they lack 0.01 point to win. However, they are strong competitors and always find something interesting for the audience. Have you heard the monologue on the classics accompanied by rain on the stage of Lviv Polytechnic? You haven’t? Then you should come because only chemists are able to «pour water» on sophisticated topics so incredibly, standing under an umbrella.

It is difficult to judge the performance of the Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology. Taking into account the title of their performance – «The Psychopath» and various neuroses, hysterics, depressions and other nervous breakdowns realistically depicted by the students, they can guarantee you «brain explosion».

The presentation of the Institute of Ecology, Nature Protection and Tourism was a little easier to perceive and rather interesting, taking into account the fact that there were only three people on the stage (not counting the crowd scene), and their performance lasted only ten minutes. But it seems that they are also preparing meddling in the inner world of a human being: meeting your inner being, your fears, your joys… Ecologists promised to get everyone involved in a night adventure. So there will probably be something philosophical and romantic.

Charisma and great actors are the trademark of the Institute of Geodesy. They exploit emotions, they can turn their performance into a real celebration of life and youth. This time, their performance included the biggest number of people involved. It was very theatrical and rich in the entourage. It reminded me a good old musical about happiness, success and love. I think it will be more than interesting.

This year, the organizers decided to add one more wonderful nomination, which will probably be interesting for keen selfie makers and mobile phone photographers – «Best festival photo». The guests are welcome to send photos of performances, rehearsals, people behind the scenes and people expecting the performance to the private messages of all main pages of the Festival in all the social networks. Best photos will be shown for all festival fans to see. The winner will receive the statue of «Spring» on the stage of the festival. The organizers held a kind of workshop what it should look like at the opening of the Festival. Three people, who were able to post and hashtag photos from the stage and showed them to the host, received free invitations to a cool IT party.

So-o-o, – as the host repeated time and time again on the stage, – enjoy spring, there are three months of joy and talents from polytechnics in store for you.