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Lviv regional employment centre and Polytechnic held a Career Fair «The Job Is Looking for You»

17 May 2017, 14:12
Borys Kozlovskiy, Lviv Polytechnic Press Service

The traditional venue for similar events has been the square near Lviv Opera House and the alley in Svoboda Avenue. This initiative has been supported by Lviv regional state administration and Lviv city council.

This year more than 90 companies and institutions from Lviv region, which offer almost 3,000 vacancies, agreed to participate in the Career Fair. The salary ranges from 4,000 to 28,000 hrn.

Oleh Synyutka, Head of Lviv regional state administration, was the first speaker. He said,

– This event demonstrates two important things. It means that nowadays the economy of our region is developing, becoming stronger and needs human resources. On the other hand, today’s event provides our young people with the understanding that they can work, develop professionally and earn good money here in Ukraine. I understand that many young people are attracted by the countries of Europe, the USA and Canada. However, I would like every young person to know and remember that you can become rich in any part of the world, but a person can become successful and happy only in their motherland.

Roman Korzh, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, spoke on behalf of Lviv Polytechnic. He assured that Lviv Polytechnic and other higher educational institutions in Lviv region have always cared about such important social and economic issue as employment, «Together with investors and employers, we are going to train, retrain, invite to visit us and learn ourselves to understand the job market demands».

Lviv students, participants of the Career Fair, were greeted by Viktoriya Dovzhyk, Lviv Mayor’s counselor, Vasyl Sribnyy, Deputy Head of Lviv Regional Employers’ Association, Roman Datsko, Head of Lviv Region Trade Unions Association, Halyna Mysakovets, Director of Invalids Fund of Ukraine Lviv Regional Office.

You could see curious people of different age next to each and every tent of companies and institutions of Lviv region. University Press Service reporter, who looked through booklets and leaflets, made a conclusion that, for example, Lviv Polytechnic graduates are offered jobs of mechanic engineers, telecommunications experts and chemists-technologists.

We saw very few tents of those companies that had been well-known in Lviv during the Soviet period. It turned out that Lviv factory of instruments is still alive. It continues to produce various cutting instruments. Former «Silmash» is in ruins. Instead, there has appeared a company in Levandivka («Lvivahromashproekt») which designs and manufactures, (of course, on a smaller scale), sprinklers, seed picklers and other technology, which are very popular among farmers in Eastern Europe. The company needs new workers and engineers.

There was one more familiar name – «Silhouette». It represents the Deaf People Association. In the past, shirts for men were sewn here. Now they make women underwear from the raw materials from Western Europe. Almost one hundred people with hearing disabilities work for this company.

In the tent of State Employment Service Lviv Professional and Technical Education Centre, I found out that the most popular professions in free training are the professions of sanitary technical systems and equipment fitter, electrical and gas welder, boiler room operator, tram and trolley bus driver, agriculture tractor driver and engineer.

New companies with foreign investments have appeared outside Lviv. They include not only «Leoni», «Fujikura», but also companies in Horodok, Busk, Peremyshlyany, Zolochiv and Brody.

A lot of vacancies are offered by Lviv armoured factory, «Enzym», «Svitoch» (there are interesting names of professions like «chocolater», «sweets maker»), «Halychyna-Avto», «Barkom», etc. Food industry and trade companies, restaurants also offer vacancies. From time to time, I hear complaints about the quality of Lviv beer. However, it turns out that this drink is exported to 60 countries…

It was a businesslike Career Fair and a colourful show, which gave people good mood and hopes for better future. It is not so bad in our home.