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Institute of Geodesy now has a modern laser scanner Faro, the only one in Ukrainian universities

7 Feb 2012, 10:03

The project TEMPUS «GIS technology for sustainable development in the eastern neighboring countries," Institute of Geodesy acquired modern laser scanner (the only university in Ukraine) firm Faro and the necessary software.

In this regard, is scheduled to enter into the learning process of students EQL "Master" following subjects: "Ground-based laser scanning '(for specialty" Photogrammetry, "the second semester of study)," Methods of 3D laser scanning and terrestrial geodetic measurements "(for specialty "Geodesy", the second semester of study), "Geodesic referentsni system '(for specialty" Geodesy "specialization" of space geodesy ", and a semester of study)," Monitoring areas and laser scanning' (for specialty "monitoring system of the Earth", the second semester study).