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Head of Lviv Regional State Administration met with members of the Council of Rectors of Lviv

7 Feb 2012, 09:36

February 3 at the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" met Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Kostiuk with members of the Council of Rectors of universities III-IV accreditation levels Lviv region.

Opening the dialogue with heads of universities, Michael Kostiuk said the need for broad public dialogue on the problems of building a harmonious and constructive social relations in the region. In this important role to play educational and scientific elite, people who have extensive invaluable experience with solving actual problems of Lviv.

- In Ukraine, reforming all sectors - said Michael Kostiuk. - There are exceptions, and educational and scientific fields. We will do everything to ensure that reforms in this important area were effective, resulting in schools would have an obvious positive. I think we can develop a series of radical measures to improve the level of educational work in Lviv.
Referring to the leader of the region, Rector of National University "Lviv Polytechnic", Chairman of the Council of Rectors of Lviv Professor George Bobalo said:

- Very nice that you realize what an important area for our region is education and science. Thus, the primary issue for each university is to train highly qualified personnel. But this largely depends on adequate and timely funding. Unfortunately, there are many problems.

The speaker touched on a number of topical issues related to financing of universities, which can be solved only at the highest state level. He also drew attention to the major issues of higher education in Lviv: First of all, lack of modern Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education," deficit budget for utilities, scholarships, salaries, lack of financial support in carrying out repairs to the dormitory EURO 2012. Many opinions expressed Yuri Bobalo to solve this thorny issue as the employment of graduates.

Participation in discussions of reform of education and research sector was rector of the National Forestry University of Ukraine Prof. Yuri Tunytsya, rector of the Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Galician academician Boris Zimenkovsky, rector of the Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism Professor Igor Bochan, rector of the Lviv Institute of Management professor Peter Yanytsky. They outlined a number of issues that need solving and support. In particular, active collaboration with industry and business structures to provide multilevel education funding, reducing the tax burden on educational institutions, fighting corruption in the walls of the university for systematic changes in the legislation of Ukraine.

In conclusion, Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Kostiuk looked forward to a serious dialogue between government, educators and business environment. Business should not be afraid to invest in higher education in the region.