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XII All-Ukrainian Conference on The Phenomenon of the Nation-State and Law: Ukrainian and World Experience and Prospects

The Department of Theory, History and Philosophy of Law, the Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology, Lviv Polytechnic National University, invites you to participate in the XII All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference on The Phenomenon of Nation-State and Law: Ukrainian and World Experience and Prospects on December 4, 2020.

The conference includes two sections.

  1. Nation-state and law: issues of history and modernity:
  • The nature of the nation-state and law: basic concepts and categories;
  • Nation-state and law: philosophical-legal and historical-legal dimensions;
  • Nation-state and law: theoretical-legal and constitutional-legal aspects;
  • Constitution of national statehood;
  • Views and theories of foreign and Ukrainian thinkers and politicians on the state and law.

      2. Associated issues.

Form of participation – remote.

Researchers and academic staff of higher education institutions, postgraduate students, senior students and lawyers-practitioners are invited to participate in the conference.

Materials must be sent to the e-mail address i.terlyuk2406@gmail.com marked «For the conference» till December 3, 2020.

More details are in the conference call for papers

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