Вступ 2020: рейтингові списки

Результати творчих конкурсів

VI Ukrainian-Polish Scientific Forum «European Union Eastern policy: achievements, challenges and prospects»

Organizing Committee invites you to participate in the VI Ukrainian-Polish Scientific Forum «European Union Eastern policy: achievements, challenges and prospects», which will take place in Lviv on September 24–25, 2020. The Forum is a joint project of the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine, and the Institute of Political Science, the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland. The annual scientific event became an effective platform for establishing Ukrainian-Polish relations within the sphere of education and science, civil society institutions and public authorities at various levels.

The purpose of this year’s Forum is to discuss topical issues of political, economic, security, humanitarian and socio-cultural dimensions of the European Union’s Eastern policy, and to find effective cooperation mechanisms that will help to fulfill Ukraine’s European integration aspirations and to strengthen Ukrainian-Polish cooperation.

Forum thematic directions

  1. Prerequisites and Genesis of the European Union’s Eastern Policy development.
  2. Aims, tools and main implementation forms of the EU Eastern policy.
  3. Prospects for the development of EU cooperation with its eastern neighbors (foreign policy and security; economy and trade; education, culture and interpersonal contacts; democratization and internal reforms; regional and cross-border cooperation; decentralization and development of local communities, etc.).
  4. Poland’s contribution to the development and implementation of the European Union’s Eastern policy.
  5. Baltic states European integration experience: conclusions for Ukraine.
  6. Eastern Partnership as a key initiative of the EU Eastern European policy.
  7. Prospects for the development of EU Eastern policy in context of contemporary geopolitical challenges.

Forum discussion panels:

  • The role of Central and Eastern European countries in shaping and implementing the EU’s Eastern policy.
  • Baltic states European integration experience.

Round table discussion:

  • «Interethnic relations in Central and Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 21st century».

The deadline for participation applications is September 4, 2020.