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Online meeting with Oleksandr Nykoliak, Head of the Youth Policy Department of Lviv City Council

Alumni Relations Group at Lviv Polytechnic National University continues a series of meetings in which former students tell their success stories, inspire and motivate Polytechnicians.

Progressive youth is the key to a successful future! Students are driving force of modern Ukrainian society: they are always in the center of all social and political events. A striking example is Oleksandr Nykoliak.

A graduate of Lviv Polytechnic, who due to his perseverance and desire to work for the benefit of Ukrainian society, has come a long way: from Head of the Students’ Board Sports Department and the ICSIT Student Union to the Head of the Youth Policy Department at Lviv City Council.

Oleksandr will tell about his student life, professional path and opportunities for self-realization at the next online meeting on August 13 at 19:00 at @lpnu_alumni_and_friends on Instagram.