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III International Conference on Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal: designing, construction, operation and monitoring

The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the III International Scientific and Technical Conference on Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal: Designing, Construction, Operation and Monitoring, which will be held on October 23–25, 2019, at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The Conference concerns the actual problems of water distribution, wastewater removal systems and water purification, sewage and sludge treatment. The main purpose of the conference is to develop and increase the cooperation between universities, research institutions and professional businesses by exchange and integration of international, knowledge, education and management.

Conference topics

  1. Water supply and wastewater networks
  2. Water purification, wastewater and sludge treatment
  3. Economy of water and wastewater management
  4. Influence of elements of water and wastewater management systems on the natural environment.

Deadline for application and extended abstracts: 15 July 2019